It’s Time for the, Race To The Elephant!

It’s Time for the, Race To The Elephant! We are planning on having our next, and Highly Anticipated, “Race To The Elephant” Saturday, Oct 8th. We will meet at Mast-Up at about 10:00ish. Breakfast Burritos will be provided (please RSVP to make sure there will be a burrito for you). Come out if you would like to crew, or just help with the races, everyone is welcome. Forecast for Saturday is looking very nice, with some cooler temperatures on the horizon. Keep an eye on it as the weekend gets closer. Winds last month were Excellent!! It was a Beautiful day on the water. The water level at the lake is up 3 ft from last month :-). Come out and have some Fun. Terry Bower

Lonnie Lane 480-258-9780

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