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Timed Start Races

Our first race of 2023 is on Jan 21, skipper's mtg at 10:00am at Mastup. Race starts at 12 noon or ASAP- or when all the boats get there. Start- finish line is at the East end of the break-water tires. Just north of the east end of the tires is a white mooring ball which will be the other end of the start-finish line. Hopefully we can start eastbound regardless of the direction of the wind. We'll try a timed start.

The committee boat will have 1 flag only

3 beeps : prepare for the race

one beep: 5 minutes before start

one beep: 4 minutes before start

one beep: 1 minute before start

one beep and the flag comes down: The race has started

We'll discuss what kind of race we want at the skipper's mtg. Do we want a number of short races or one long one? Don't forget life jackets and radioes.

There's always room for crew so show up and we'll have a good time. Ken has put together a tentative schedule of races that looks promising. We'll have copies at the skipper's mtg. We need everyone's input so we can put together a good year of fun.

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