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Monthly Race Results

The RGYC meets monthly and if the weather is right we set sail for a race. These are our results for the past months, come back and check out the results or join us at the lake and race with us. ( No boat needed, we always need crew members.)


Scroll to the very bottom to see the club's race rules.

Sailing Race

Timed Start Race

The committee boat will have 1 flag only

3 beeps : prepare for the race

one beep: 5 minutes before start

one beep: 4 minutes before start

one beep: 1 minute before start

one beep and the flag comes down: The race has started

3,2,1 GO!

October 21, 2023 Results

Not a single DNS or DNF as everyone finished the race, great job to all!


I believe it was a good race with several strategies and even more varying winds. The finish was frustrating to most as there was very low to no wind at the time.

Great job to everyone and great attendance.

Hope that Tim and Jimmy can repair their damages incurred during launching and retrieval of their boats.


Thank you Lonnie for lending your pontoon boat as the committee boat and thank you for the committee team to volunteer

This was a great success and hopefully we can build on this and get even more boats out next time.

September 16, 2023 Results

& the winner is....

September's Winner: Alex
October's Winner: Alex
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