Beer Can Race 2-12-2022

Updated: Jul 31

Here is a brief description of our 02-12-22 sailing event at Elephant Butte Lake.

Water level: 10% of capacity at 4314 Elevation

We had 5 boats participate in our "Beer Can" races. Yes there were two races comprised of 2 boats from Dam Site Marina, Bob Ellsworth and Terry Brower, 1 boat from Marina Del Sur, Ken Tighe and two boats from Mast Up Storage, Lonnie Lane and Rick Keffer. We also had 5 participants sailing as crew, Sue, Alex, Jason, Sophie, Emily and Katie.

The first race started at 11:30 with Terry leading a Rabbit start and we were under way with 0 to 5kts of wind. The race was South to Pirate's Cove, around the center "no wake" pin and back to the start. First to finish was the J 24, second was the S2 7.9, third was the MacGreggor 26, fourth the O'Day 25 and finally the Balboa 24.

The second race got underway about 1:00pm, but wind was near 0 so the race was shortened with the lead boat, the J 24 starting back to the start line in pretty much the same order as the first race finished. We thank Alex for the corrected finish times which was a reversal of the order of finish times with the exception of the S2 was dead last and the J 24 4th, the Balboa 1st, MacGreggor 26 2nd and the O'day 3rd.

Hope to get more folks out on the lake. Our next event is on March 12, however other club members are wanting to put a few more fun races together. Please call me at 505 328 4826 text ok or email if you want to sail your boat or just ride along with someone else. We would love to have you out.

See you on the water,

Ken Tighe, IPC

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