Up coming Beach Party 7-16-22

Rio Grande Yacht Club,

Beach Party this coming weekend July 16, 2022 10am to 3pm Hello sailing enthusiasts. We are pleased to have a Beach Party this weekend at Elephant Butte Lake in the area just south of Marina Del Sur. Take the State Park main entrance and the 2 nd road from the roundabout which says “Boat Launch Ramp" but instead of going left, to the launch area, turn right and follow the pavement down to the lake. Look for our banner flags with RGYC SAILING and we will set up shade, but bring your chair and life jackets. We plan hot dogs around noon and will have several sunfish and other water toys for everyone to use. Please rsvp to let us know your plans and if you have questions, please call. Ken Tighe 505 328 4826, text ok or email .

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